Yadavindra Chopra

Author, Speaker, and Consultant in Bengaluru, India

Yadavindra Chopra is a personal life coach who uses Existential-Humanistic approach to help you resolve your existential crisis.

Existential Crisis begins at a very early stage of your life but cultural conditioning camouflages this crisis and it is suppressed for the most part of your life. But when an event takes place that makes you question whether you even understood your own purpose in life along with your own nature the crisis resurfaces.

You might hold numerous beliefs about yourself and the world around you but deep within, unless you've taken the time to resolve your fundamental questions you are highly vulnerable to being overthrown by changing circumstances and relationships.

Existential line of thinking focuses on primarily 3 truths:

  1. Life is naturally uncomfortable
  2. Choice making is inevitable
  3. Dread of this condition

These 3 truths give rise to your existential crisis and you have to resolve this at any cost before you can hope for a lasting sense of happiness.

Yadavindra Chopra has been practising for over 15 years and combines the approach with light touch of psychological astrology to help the client understand themselves better.

Yadavindra has authored the book on this psychological aspect of Astrology called ‘Beyond Prediction’ available on Amazon.

Yadavindra consults internationally with clients from USA, UK, Mexico, France, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Australia, Sri Lanka, Nepal, India and others.

*Make your appointment for a preliminary session to experience the effectiveness of this approach.

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    • Anviksiki Consulting
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    • University of Oxford
What clients say about me
He really makes you think! His ability to listen and then draw the unthinkable from within is quite marvellous. I found his sessions to be unravelling and helped me clear up the mind. His combining vedic astrology with counselling and coaching method really makes it so interesting. I never knew how much the planets rule us and influence us .. It opens one's eyes to a whole new world. I really enjoy doing my follow up sessions :)
Dania (Versailles)
Yadavindra’s extraordinary knowledge of planetary influences combined with his amazingly deep insights of human nature make the sessions with him an Experience. With his help I learnt to understand myself and others better and this resulted in developing a sense of compassion towards myself and in my relationships. I began to feel a sense of freedom The planetary influences in my chart were used to guide me towards new interests and improved relationships. My life has been enriched immensely.
Vrunda (Bangalore, India)
He's magnificent! I started talking to him through a reference of a friend and I just loved his vibration. He's calm yet commanding. He knows his area of expertise well. I didn't even have to explain so much what I was going through he just knew it. I liked the way he slowly makes you work on your self and confidence just appears out of nowhere. He took account of my birth chart but discourages any enquiries for predictions. I was new to this aspect of astrology used as psychological topography.
Tanya (Rome)
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