Yadavindra Chopra

Astro-philosopher and Dream Interpreter in Bengaluru, India

You are experiencing the planetary energy all the time.

The situations you find yourself in and the emotions that arise, are directly under the influence of this macro-system called the Horoscope.

Vedic astrology known as Jyotish is a very powerful way to understand this system and its behavior, that affects almost every aspect of your life.

Yadavindra learned this art from his father who was a renowned astrologer during the 80s and 90s in USA.

He combined the Bhavishyakathan (predictive) and Svapnavicharin (Dream interpretation) to offer as a perceptive tool to his clients through consultations in 2005 in form of guidance and coaching on the Astro-philosophy.

Jyotish and Svapnavicharin are perceptual experiences that will change the way you look at everything.

It begins by analyzing your horoscope through it's houses, signs and the planets' presence and by offering interpretations that could help improve the areas of your life such as your Relationships, Career path, Financial life, Health, Social relationships and with the help of dream interpretation with your Higher Self.

These sessions are a great way to Discover who you really are!

Yadavindra consults internationally with clients from USA, UK, Mexico, France, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Australia, Sri Lanka, Nepal, India and others.

The consultations are dialectical and more like a conversation with complete openness to help you in your quest and can be either short term or long term depending on the nature of your enquiries.

Yadavindra consults by appointments only

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What clients say about me
What do I even say about Yadavindra? He's a magician in his ways to induce deep insights and show perspectives that one has not seen before. His knowledge of Vedic astrology is marvellous and he integrates it so well in coaching others. He is very well acquainted with the way human nature operates and he is an excellent advisor on relationships and life decisions. I am deeply indebted to him for showing me a whole new way of looking at life.
Salmah (Geneva, Switzerland)
Yadavindra’s extraordinary knowledge of planetary influences combined with his amazingly deep insights of human nature make the sessions with him an Experience. With his help I learnt to understand myself and others better and this resulted in developing a sense of compassion towards myself and in my relationships. I began to feel a sense of freedom The planetary influences in my chart were used to guide me towards new interests and improved relationships. My life has been enriched immensely.
Vrunda (Bangalore, India)
I feel truly blessed and fortunate to have Yadavindra, as my Coach and guiding light. Yadavindra displays exceptional Coaching skills that are guided by a profound understanding of the human condition and deep spiritual wisdom. The presence of his energy, the space of love and compassion that he holds, has created real transformation in me. In his gentle manner, he takes you to realizations and personal growth, that would have been impossible to get on your own. I am forever grateful.--
Jasrin (Singapore)
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