Yadavindra Chopra

Author, Speaker, and Consultant in Bengaluru, India

You are experiencing the planetary influence all the time.

The situations you find yourself in and the emotions that arise within are directly under the influence of this Macro-system called Jyotish (Vedic Astrology).

Yadavindra Chopra has been coaching, counselling and consulting for over 15 years.

He learned Jyotish from his father who was a renowned astrologer during the 80s and 90s in USA.

He learned Anviksiki (an ancient Indian art of analysis) through his Guru, who was a mystic and healer.

Jyotish is a way to understand this metaphysical system of planets that affects every aspect of life on earth.

Anviksiki is a method to deepen one's psychology and discover the Free-will hidden within the Soul.

The time spent with Yadavindra will begins by analysing the spiritual Self through the horoscope with its

- Houses,

- Signs

- The Planetary presence

This helps in getting a vantage point of the individual's personality and character as well as the nature of metaphysical influences.

Then Anviksiki is used to help you reflect and build on your own subjective understanding to discover the amount of Free-will you can exercise.

You will work with Yadavindra to make interpretations that help improve the areas of life such as

- Relationships,

- Career path,

- Financial life,

- Health,

- Social relationships

The sessions can be one time sitting or multiple depending on the nature of enquiry and progress.

Yadavindra consults internationally with clients from USA, UK, Mexico, France, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Australia, Sri Lanka, Nepal, India and others.

Yadavindra consults by appointments only

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What clients say about me
He really makes you think! His ability to listen and then draw the unthinkable from within is quite marvellous. I found his sessions to be unravelling and helped me clear up the mind. His combining vedic astrology with counselling and coaching method really makes it so interesting. I never knew how much the planets rule us and influence us .. It opens one's eyes to a whole new world. I really enjoy doing my follow up sessions :)
Dania (Versailles)
Yadavindra’s extraordinary knowledge of planetary influences combined with his amazingly deep insights of human nature make the sessions with him an Experience. With his help I learnt to understand myself and others better and this resulted in developing a sense of compassion towards myself and in my relationships. I began to feel a sense of freedom The planetary influences in my chart were used to guide me towards new interests and improved relationships. My life has been enriched immensely.
Vrunda (Bangalore, India)
He's a mind reader for sure. He can read people's thoughts and bring order within them. That's the impression I got .. I found myself getting in touch with my inner most thoughts which I never felt before. I was amazed how much we remain ignorant to our own thoughts. My take was that by talking to him I found my clarity and peace. Astrology is so interesting in the way he explains it. So much unlike the regular astrologers talk about superstition. He keeps it very light and simple. Loved it!
Anushree (Jaipur)
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