Yadavindra Chopra

Consultant Life Coach and Astrological Consultant in Bengaluru, India

Yadavindra Chopra is a Consultant-Life Coach and an Existential Astro-Philosopher, who was under the tutelage of his father, (an acclaimed Vedic astrologer & Meditation teacher in USA) for nearly 25 years and also under the tutelage of a Mystic for nearly 10 years who introduced to the doctrine of Anviksiki (an ancient art of Thinking).

Yadavindra Chopra combines his knowledge of Vedic astrology and Anviksiki to offer consultations on matters of Relationships, Love, Social life, Health, Finance, Career, Parenting, and Spirituality.

He has a private practice in Bangalore as a Consultant , Coach, and a Counsellor for over 12 years.

Helping his clients in acquiring Self Esteem through Self Knowledge as well as guiding them to develop good reasoning ability to become Self Confident.

He has been consulted by eminent people from India, The United Kingdom, France, Monaco, The United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan and The United States on Astro-philosophical guidance.

Yadavindra meets by appointment only.

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